Hi, I’m Joelle

I’m a Scorpio sun, Libra moon and Virgo Rising. I adore reading fantasy books with a good coffee in hand, tending to my plants and being around animals. I’m a very passionate person, and I’ve always had a passion for helping people, along with a never-ending curiosity about the unknown wonders of the world.

I have been reading Tarot professionally for several years, which is one of my favourite things to do. A big step in my spiritual journey was when I got my Tarot Advisor Certification with Biddy Tarot. I chose this life path for myself and want to do it in the most professional way I can. In my practice as a Spiritual Worker and Witch, my passions lie in reading Tarot & Oracle and spell work. However, I constantly find new paths and learn ways to incorporate my gifts and abilities.

I believe that one of the most essential parts of spirituality, especially while offering services, is having the safe space to be yourself in the best way. That’s why I love reading Tarot in a way that reflects my authentic self; caring, loving and supportive, yet honest and open. I won’t sugarcoat the messages you need to hear.

I will always love working with light and loving energy. But, the most empowering for me has been embracing the dark feminine and learning to use those powerful energies that come with working alongside spirit guides and deities.

In my experience, working with dark/heavy and light energies is the most effective way to receive messages we need to hear. Not simply what we want to hear. In my practice, I encourage everyone to use their genuine and honest emotions to harness the natural magic within them. That is when you can truly begin to understand yourself. I firmly believe in harnessing the power within yourself - the “good” and the “bad” - and allowing it the safe space to turn it into something empowering and something to be proud of.

My clients come to me for help through challenging situations in life. They seek advice, want guidance on whichever path they embark on, and want to connect to their highest power. I believe that the real magic happens within my clients themselves and that I am simply a vessel for the spirit to bring messages and insight. Actions make things happen, and I love working with clients who are driven and passionate about wanting to live their dream life, even if they need a little motivation and support to do so. My clients genuinely allow me to live as my best self. They help provide me with the warmest sense of purpose and help me do what I love to do.

Hi, I’m Joelle

Joelle, Biddy Tarot Certified Advisor
MoonLoft Readings Logo

I chose the name MoonLoft Readings for my business because of the deep connection I had found in myself with “The Moon” Tarot card. The general meaning of the card is about illusions, fear and anxiety. This card came up a lot in the readings I did for myself at the beginning of my journey when I did feel lost and didn’t know in which direction to lead my life. Tarot has really helped me overcome so many fears and the loss of direction I felt by giving me guidance and showing me the tools to achieve my dream life. It has helped me to develop my own intuition and to be able to trust myself in difficult situations where in the past I would have retreated in fear and gave into the illusions of my own anxiety. I hope MoonLoft will be the cozy and safe space for anyone looking to grow and anyone searching for guidance as I was. After realizing the true power and goodness Tarot can do not only for me but countless people around me, I knew there was no question in this being the best direction for me to take.

Spirituality is a unique journey for everyone (that’s the beauty of it, there’s no wrong way to do it as long as it feels right for you), and I am so grateful to be able to share this journey with you all. Whether you are a wonderful client of mine or just simply following me on this journey, I am so grateful to have you here with me and I cannot wait to see what we can build into our futures.

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