I offer the following Tarot readings for your current needs.

Keep an eye out for any emails from Joelle at MoonLoft Readings regarding your reading after your booking is confirmed. Please allow up to 7 business days to receive your completed reading. (except for live readings)

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Divine Guidance

For all areas of life (i.e. self-growth, career, friendship, romance, etc.) These readings bring you divine guidance and insights for the question(s) on your mind.

These readings are sent to you in PDF format. No need for face-to-face! These readings are great if you have a quick question, need guidance on a situation, or want to see what messages the universe has to offer! If you’ve never received a Tarot reading, the Divine Guidance readings are great for discovering if Tarot is right for you!

3-Card Tarot + 1 Oracle

7-Card Tarot + 2 Oracles

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This reading includes:

  • A customized 3 or 7-card Tarot spread best suited for your needs. 
  • 1 or 2 oracle cards for a guiding message from the divine.
  • You will receive the reading by email in PDF format. It will include full insights details and pictures of the cards for your referral.

Feeling the Energies

This Energy reading is ideal for insights into what energies you could expect and guidance on making the most of them. 

New Year Energy Alignment Reading

This New Year Energy Alignment Reading can give you insights into what energies could be presented and what energies to focus on to align yourself to your fullest potential for each month of the year. This energy reading offers insight into each month’s overall themes and when you could have the most potential for success in the year. This reading dives into all areas of life and helps highlight which of these areas could be most prominent each month, i.e. career, self-growth, relationships, personal goals, etc. This reading could be for you if you’re looking for insights to prepare you for each month ahead and guidance on creating and living the life of your dreams while moving forward.

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