Frequently Asked Questions About Tarot

Here are six questions I get asked the most often about my Tarot practice!

Disclaimer: These answers are personal to my spiritual practice. Not all practitioners have the same point of view or work the same way due to the wonderful uniqueness of everyone’s spiritual beliefs and their own practices. These answers are based on my own beliefs and practice and may differ from other practitioners.

What is Tarot and how does it work?

Tarot is an amazing tool that can help bring us guidance and clarity to many different situations and various areas of life including career, self-growth, family, friends, romantic relationships, goal planning, connecting with intuition and much much more. It’s a tool that can help with advice, direction, divine guidance, accessing your full potential as well helping to understand your past, present and future. Messages in Tarot can come from various sources including energies of the universe, spirit guides and your higher self. I believe that no future is set in stone and that Tarot can be the perfect tool to help discover how to really make the future your own by stepping into your power.

How does a reading work?

Readings are available live using Zoom, where you can ask as many questions as the time allows. Alternatively, 3-card and 7-card readings are delivered as a PDF document via email.

A reading will happen collaboratively between us, we may talk a little back and forth about your question or situation. With that, I create a safe space for divine guidance and ask the Tarot for answers to your questions. From the cards that come out during the reading, I read the message intuitively in combination with the classic meaning of the cards and relay the messages to you.

For 3-card and 7-card readings, once you’ve taken the time to read the PDF, I then invite the opportunity for an additional question if one arises, but more importantly, I invite the opportunity for a conversation about the messages that came up during the reading. The Tarot reading does not take away your free will. You have full control of how you wish to proceed in your life after receiving guidance. 

Can Tarot predict or tell me my future?

This one is a bit more of a complicated answer. Although there are practitioners that identify themselves as Psychics and Fortune Tellers, in my own practice as an Intuitive Tarot Advisor I sometimes use the Tarot cards in a reading to give insight on possible future energies and how to make the best of them. In my personal practice, I don’t do predictive readings in terms of predicting specific situations or events, instead, I help to bring light on what future energies could be and bring you insight on how you could turn those energies in your favour. Some practitioners base their practice more around predictions (which I find fascinating) but in my own practice, I focus readings more on giving you tools and guidance for actions you can take to create your own future. So in the end, the answer to one of the most asked questions ever in Tarot is, no, I cannot (nor would I want to) predict your death with Tarot cards.

Do you have to be psychic to read Tarot?

No! Tarot is an amazing tool that can help you develop your intuition. Even if you’ve never thought about your own spiritual journey or are just starting, Tarot can be for everyone, it’s a learning process and there are amazing people out there who dedicate a whole lot of time to teaching people. The Biddy Tarot Community where I did my Tarot Advisor Certification has multiple amazing programs and masterclasses ranging for beginners, intermediates and professionals. 

Why do you charge for readings?

Everything in the universe requires balance, I provide a service that requires my time and energy and in return, I ask for an exchange. If I were to do these services for free, even though it’s a passion of mine to read Tarot for others, I would be giving a lot away without any sense of balance in return. This exchange, allows me to dedicate even more time and energy to doing what I love which is all about helping you!

What should I ask in my Tarot reading?

This is a good question! You can ask questions on just about anything in Tarot (unless it’s outside of my professional practice i.e. medical, legal or financial advice. Seek help from the appropriate professionals in these cases). Tarot can cover all areas of life like career, self-growth, family, friends, romantic relationships, goal planning, connecting with intuition and much much more. The most important part of this however is not what you ask about, it’s how you ask. It’s all about knowing how to ask powerful questions (This is something I guide you through during the process of a reading, we work collaboratively together to form the best questions for you). Let’s dive into it: 

Questions for empowering insight:

“Why…?, What…?, How…?”  vs “Will…?, Is…?”

The difference between “Will I be successful?” & “How can I ensure I am successful?” Giving you the power of the outcome and room for opportunity.

The first question starting with “Will I…” is assuming that your success in the matter is predetermined and that you have no control over the matter, this is a closed-ended question and is fate-based. It’s taking all the power away from you and leaving it up to the universe. The second question starting with “How can I…” gives you all of the power. Now, you can get insights into the tools you have to achieve your goals and gives room for guidance on how you can really take control of your life and turn your goals into your reality. This type of question-asking can have much better results as it is more about taking action rather than sitting back and hoping for a certain outcome. Remember that you have the power of the universe, you are able to create your desires outcomes but you have to put in some action yourself!

An additional note to this, Tarot cannot make decisions for you regarding questions like “Should I…?” Tarot can give you insights and guidance for you to be able to see your situation more clearly to be able to make the best decision for yourself but Tarot cannot make a decision for you. You have your own free will to do as you choose and you are responsible for your own decisions.

Do you still have questions about Tarot?

I understand that Tarot can seem complicated to the uninitiated. If you still have questions after reading the above FAQ please send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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